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Historical Information

School History

Southgate Elementary was built in 1962.  On that same land, in 1986, Rippetoe Learning Center (RLC) was built.  RLC was named after the superintendent at the time, Jerry W. Rippetoe.  RLC was designed to accommodate special education students.  Due to changes in law concerning mainstreaming in 1995, the two schools became one.  There was only one problem.  We had one school and two mascots.  Students at RLC were the Superstars and the Southgate students were the Warriors.

Our PE teacher, got the entire student body involved in learning about the voting process.  Each student was issued his or her own voter identification card.  The polls were busy on Election Day.  Students anxiously awaited the results.  Votes were counted and our "new" school officially became Southgate-Rippetoe Elementary, home of the Golden Cats.  Our school colors became blue and gold.  Old school banners were retired and a new one is now proudly displayed.